Cody Ellingham, the photographer responsible for DERIVE brings yet another incredible exploration of the world’s cities with his recent wanderings in Shanghai, China.

On the edge of a rooftop, overlooking the old colonial architecture of yesteryear, his images peer through time and place at the impossible glass and steel rising up through the red mist of a belligerent summer thunderstorm.

Shanghai was China’s most western city and everywhere the decaying remains of old French and British architecture lie stationary under the rapidly growing shadow of New China.

Cody’s process of wandering to discover the true nature of a place is the basis for the name of his projects: DERIVE, “I came here to capture this, this machine, this City. The only way to do that is to walk its streets.”

“People focus on the new, or the old, but rarely both”, Cody said. “A place is not just as it is, but the result of everything it has been before.”