Marauder-Catastrophe Class Welterweight Gunship by Alfie Garland

Fast response heavy “Marauder-Catastrophe” Gunship callsign TERAS 17, designed as high mobility, high armour air-to-ground attack vehicle.

Outfitted with a Unified Personality Core, the Marauder was one of the most notorious results of the pre-singularity drive to equip militarised equipment with NHP-level computers. There are still multiple Marauders not accounted for on the UPAR Peacekeeper Kill-Lists.

“Four years ago we found Teras in the scrap mesas, haemorrhaging coolant from an AA flechette to the rear hull. We were going to smother her until she pings us with the IFF. About shat myself. Managed to haul her out, patch her reactor before she melted down or blew up, get her back on the trawler deck and under a lead blanket. She’s still with us. Lucky to have her, but lately she’s been getting cagey. Wants to stretch her wings. Keeps saying something about going home, back to the city…”

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