40k Art Collection III [MAD Nomads] by Tony Cezar

Some artwork inspired by the 40k universe.

Commissions made for the MAD Nomads Chapter

High Council

Tony cezar all mad2

Pre-Battle Meeting

Tony cezar all mad2b

Battle Brothers Andraphel, Lucius and Blood

Tony cezar all mad2a

Battle Brothers Ulfhedinn Panzerlied and Czar

Tony cezar blood finalb

Scout Sgt. Blood XIII

Tony cezar andra cloud

Champions of the Chapter – Andraphel and Cloud

Tony cezar lucius

Terminator Lucius Vanditorri

Tony cezar panzer

Brother Ulfhedinn Panzerlied

Tony cezar busby

Cpt. Busby

Tony cezar luc 001

Chaplain Lucius Vanditorri

Tony cezar nomx final czar

Chapter Master Nomad

Tony cezar nomx final

Last charge on Arkhona

Tony cezar mx wallpaper czar

Chapter Badge

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