Bug Collection by Melina Zhu

A bunch of my favorite bugs!


Melina zhu honeybee


Melina zhu bumblebee

Melina zhu blue orchid

Blue Orchid Bee

Melina zhu june bug

June Bug (Deceased)

Melina zhu 1

Step 1: Quick sketch based on photo reference. Should take no longer than 15 – 20 mins.

Melina zhu 2

Step 2: Lay down main colors, you can play with the hue and saturation to keep things interesting.

Melina zhu 3

Step 3: Add in color variations and lighting details such as fill light and ambient occlusion.

Melina zhu 4

Step 4: Adjust as necessary.

Melina zhu 5

Step 5: Put in small details and finishing touches like soft glows and pollen indication.

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