Two Avant-gardes

Two Avant-gardes
Two Avant-gardes. Rhymes ? an exhibition held as a part of the contemporary art festival “First factory of Avant-garde”. The exhibition is taking place in Ivanovo Region Museum of Art in the city of Ivanovo.

The exhibition created by AZ Museum rhymes avant-garde masterpieces from Ivanovo collection with distinguished creations from XX century second half artists.

There are obvious connections between two generations of artists who were separated by the World War. Heroes of the “Thaw” were discovering avant-garde for themselves and re-establishing bridges: the renowned collection of George Costakis that was used to study paintings of Malevich, Kandinsky, Rozanova, Rodchenko and other geniuses of futurism became a true revelation and a source of inspiration for all the Sixtiers.

Futuristic poems from 1910-1920s and chiming with them extracts from a novel “About painting” by Anatoly Zverev (1960) have been actively brought into the exhibit besides paintings and objects from two gene

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